About Our Aromatherapy Inhalation Patches

Watch this video to learn how to open and apply the inhalation patch.


Why would I use a Patch?

Patches offer you a simple way to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy without dripping oils onto your skin, turning on a diffuser, or other traditional methods of use.

In clinical settings, patches are user friendly. Simply apply the patch to upper chest, breathe and allow the benefits of aromatherapy to ease nausea, reduce stress, uplift moods and improve rest.

The patches unique patented technology allows for a sustained release of the essential oil molecules, lasting approximately 6-8 hours. When you can no longer smell the aroma, simply throw it away.

How to apply the Aromatherapy Inhalation Patch (video above)

Remove the patch from the packaging by tearing across the top of the package. NOTE: Do not remove the clear plastic backing until you have opened the patch.

  1. Separate and pull open the top tab marked "PEEL OFF" away from the bottom tab.
  2. Next remove the clear plastic backing to expose the adhesive side.
  3. Apply the sticky side of the patch to your upper chest area, so that the aroma can reach your nose. You can apply the patch to clothing or skin.
  4. Take a few minutes to breath deeply and enjoy the aroma, return to focused breathing of the aroma as needed.
  5. Patch uses FDA approved medical adhesive, we recommend you apply the patch to clothing if you have sensitive skin.
  6. No essential oil comes in contact with the skin, there is no risk of irritating the skin.

**These application instructions are also on the patch package.

How Long Before They Expire?

Each patch package has a Julian Date stamped on the top, front of package. (Original packaging)
That stamped number indicates the date it was manufactured. Aromatherapy patches are hermetically sealed and don't expire until at least 1 year after this date was printed. For example; "18001" is January 1st, 2018.

New "Quella" Packaging will show an expiration date, stamped on the back of the package. We are currently transitioning to new Quella Packaging. Patches last up to 18 months.

What size is the Patch?

Patches are roughly 1x1" in size, about the size of a postage stamp. 

What types of patches do you have?

We have a 9 patch options to choose from!  Click here to see our selection https://www.quella.store/inhalation-patch-25-pack/updated-patch-descriptions.png

What is the Patch made out of?

The Aromatherapy Inhalation Patch is a patented technology created and manufactured by Bioesse Technologies, using our time tested and professionally formulated essential oil blends on the patch.
The contains no latex.
The patch body is foil,  the reservoir where the essential oil is held, is a patented material that does NOT interact with the essential oils.
We offer a foil free, MRI Safe option in Lavender.


Recent Changes to Patches

In June of 2020 we have refreshed our packaging and brand name to Quella Essential Oils.
We are using the same time tested and trusted essential oils, and blends.
Minor changes such as:

  • Grounded Vision is now called "Grounded".
  • Rested is now called "Rest".
  • Q-easy blend has been improved, and is now made with CO2 extracted Ginger, Sweet Orange and Spearmint.



For our general FAQ's about aromatherapy and essential oils, Click Here!