Magnesium Oil Spray or Bottle

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What is Magnesium Oil?  Magnesium oil really isn't an "oil" but instead was coined as such due to the high saturation of magnesium chloride in water, which presents itself in an "oil-like"consistency. 

Studies show that as many as half of all Americans do not consume enough magnesium.  Magnesium deficiency is one of the most common nutritional problems in the industrailized world today. 

Using Magnesium oil is one of the quickest and most convenient way to transmit magnesium chloride into the cells and tissues through the skin. 

3-4 sprays under each armpit function as a highly effective deoderant, white at the same time, transporting magnesium swiftly through the thin skin into the glands, lymph channels, and bloodstream, for distribution throughout the body.  Spray it on the back of the hand or feet any time of the day or night for continuous magnesium absorption. 

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