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Pink Lotus is offered in a 5% dilution as a courtesy to our customers. If you are interested in undiluted pink lotus, please email us for quote.

Latin Name: Nelumbo nucifera
Country of Origin – India
Cultivation Method: Ethically farmed, non sprayed
: Delicate, subtle, mesmerizing, rich – sweet with deep fruity undertones.
Extraction Method: Absolute, solvent extracted
Plant Part: Flower
Energetics: not available (P. Holmes)
Safety: Non toxic, non irritating, possibly sensitizing.
Actions supported by clinical studies: N/A (Battaglia).

Leading / Common Uses: Mental / Emotional: Spiritual growth, meditation, journeying, uplifting expanded awareness, wearing as sacred perfume. This is a rare a precious oil to be used with gratitude.

The lotus flowers are symbolic of immortality and resurrection because people observed that they would grow from the bottom of dried up pools after the monsoon rains
. (Christopher McMahon)

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3 Reviews

Susan H 7th Jan 2022

Pink Louts 5%

a delicate, heavenly scent perfect for use before meditation

andrea 23rd Oct 2016

cant get enough

I've bought this bottle about 4 times so far. I want to bathe in this oil, no water, just the oil. Jodi's description of what she was aiming for completely nailed it. It's such a delicious oil. I lather my skin in it so much I wish it came in a bigger bottle. I only use the oils when I'm going to go to sleep. If I have problems falling asleep I slap it on my palms and back of my hands, on my forearms so when I sleep the scent is right in my nose. It helps calm my brain really quick and I'm out. I also love the vanilla 10%, it is really expensive but it's a nice change. It smellls like a tub of frosting. I also like using the Deep Relief.

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