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Aromatherapy Made Easy!screen-shot-2023-06-09-at-3.50.07-pm.png

Inhalation patches provide up to 8 hours of aromatic support, making them ideal for respiratory conditions, stress, anxiety, rest or pain management.

The patches use a unique patented technology that slows the release of the aromatic molecules while maintaining the purity and vitality of the essential oil.

Patches are roughly 1x1" in size, about the size of a postage stamp.

  • Inhalation only - no contact of essential oils on skin
  • Remove patch when the patch no longer has an aroma
  • The safest use of essential oils for medically fragile populations or kids
  • MRI-Safe option (in Lavender only)

Why Use a Patch?screen-shot-2023-06-09-at-3.54.33-pm.png

  • Top choice for busy healthcare settings
  • Portable and discreet. No overwhelming aroma for others
  • An easy to use self-care tool
  • Soothing to the nervous system
  • Ideal for elder care for agitation, anxiety, rest, mental cognition
  • Simple to use, safe for children

Why Does Quella Use Blended Oil Combinations Instead of Single Oils?

When using aromatics during illness or traumatic times in a person's life, we are mindful of scent printing. We naturally associate emotional memories with scents. It's unlikely the aroma of a unique blend will be encountered again by the patient in the future. 

How Do I Apply The Patch?

  • To activate the Patch, locate and separate the top tap labeled - "Peel Off".

  • Separate the top tab and pull it off completely.

  • Remove the clear plastic backing to expose the sticky adhesive side.

  • Apply adhesive side to clean dry skin, or to clothing on upper chest, allowing the vapors to reach the nose.

  • We recommend you apply the patch to clothing if you have sensitive skin.

  • Can also be placed on a pillow, or on a shirt sleeve.

  • Discard the patch after the aroma fades, make sure to remove from clothing before laundering.

  • Enhance patch benefits with mindful deep breathing while focusing on the aroma. Add music, guided imagery, or other mindfulness practices.
  • These application instructions are also on the patch package. 


Patch Variety

Made with professionally formulated blends, delivering optimal outcomes. Blends are less likely to create future "negative scent associations" over single oil patches. MRI-Safe patches are available (in Lavender only).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long until they expire?

A: Each patch package has an expiration date stamped on the front of the package.

Q: Are Essential Oils tested for purity?

A: We use 100% pure essential oils sourced from vetted and time tested distillers and suppliers for therapeutic and healing purposes. GC/MS tests upon request.

Q: What is the Patch made out of?

A: The patch body is foil, the reservoir where the essential oil is held is a patented material that does NOT interact with the essential oils.  At this time we offer the Lavender Patch in metallic free for use in an MRI. Click on the SHOP link at the top of this page for more information

Q: Are they latex free?

A: The patches contain no latex, they are manufactured in a facility with no interactions with nut products or gluten.

Q: What is the difference between your patch and a transdermal patch?

A: Transdermal patches are designed to deliver the intended medication or substance by penetrating the skin and absorbed into the bloodstream.  Essential oil inhalation patches, deliver the aromatic molecules via the respiratory system for inhalation only.   They are designed with a protective barrier that prevents the essential oil from contacting or becoming absorbed by the skin.