Birch, Sweet

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Latin Name: Betula lenta,
Country of Origin: USA
Cultivation Method: Wild grown
Aroma: Minty, sweet, fresh, similar to wintergreen
Extraction Method: Steam distilled
Plant Part: Bark
Energetics: Limited information available
Safety: Never ingest.
The main chemical compound in birch is methyl salicylate (99%). Birch is contraindicated when used with anticoagulant medications. Do not use during pregnancy, with children, or those with aspirin sensitivity. Keep away from children, as the sweet smell may attract them.
Actions supported by clinical studies: Analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic (Battaglia)

Leading / Common Uses: Musculoskeletal: Popular ingredient in over the counter pain blends due to high (99%) methyl salicylate content, similar to aspirin. Recommended for short term use. Topical maximum dilution rate 2.4%. (Tisserand & Young)

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