Black Spruce

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Latin Name: Picea mariana
Country of Origin – Canada
Cultivation Method: Wild grown
: Fresh conifer aroma, woody
Extraction Method: Steam distilled
Plant Part: Fresh twigs and needles
: Tonifies Qi, strengthens Wei Qi and Lung QI (P. Holmes)
Safety: Non toxic, non irritating, possible skin sensitizer if the oil is oxidized. No known contraindications.
Actions supported by clinical studies: Antimicrobial (Battaglia).

Leading / Common Uses:
Mental / Emotional:
Black spruce is used for mental fatigue, chronic fatigue or feeling burned out, low vitality. Black Spruce with it’s fresh, uplifting and strengthening energy make a mid afternoon pick me up diffuse or inhale from aromastick. (P. Holmes) Musculoskeletal: A wonderful oil choice to include with an invigorating back massage to ease stress and tension along the spinal column.

Recipe – Massage blend
drops Black Spruce
3 drops Rosemary
3 drops Peppermint
Add the essential oils to 1 ounce (30ml) fractionated coconut oil, or carrier of choice.
This blend also is lovely in a diffuser (skip the coconut oil).

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1 Review

1st Nov 2012

Refreshing Scent

Jodi's essential oils are top quality. I have purchased other oils from other sources and have not experienced the same quality. Her shipping is fast and packaged safely. The Spruce, Black reminds me of winter time in the woods. Very refreshing.

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