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Detoxifying and stimulating tonic for home use!

Indications and uses:

  • lymphatic massage, body wraps, with dry brushing to improve circulation
  • local swelling and fluid retention
  • invigorating massage, foot soak


  • diuretic
  • regulating
  • lymphatic stimulant
  • detoxifying

Ingredients: Cypress, Lemon, Pink grapefruit, Cedarwood, Bay laurel, Fennel

Tips:  Targeted for topical use. In bath, add 6 -10 drops of undiluted blend to 1 cup Epsom salts or Pink Himalayan salts.
For dry brushing, apply a few drops undiluted onto a natural bristle brush and use circular brushing movements toward the heart. Possible uses in body wraps, lymphatic massage.

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