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Latin Name: Citrus limon
Country of Origin – Italy
Cultivation Method: Organic
: Bright, fresh, sweet
Extraction Method: Cold pressed
Plant Part: Peel
Energetics: Cooling, drying, circulating, strengthen Shen (P. Holmes)
Safety: Non toxic, somewhat non irritating, potentially non sensitizing if oil is oxidized. Photo sensitive oil, avoid direct sunlight, ultraviolet rays, or tanning beds if used topically.
Actions supported by clinical studies: Antifungal, antiseptic, bactericidal, chemoprotective, hepatic.

Leading / Common Uses: Moods / Emotional: Fresh clean aroma helps awaken the mind when tired or trouble concentrating. Bring lemon in your shower by adding a few drops to pooling water and enjoying the vapors, or in your car – I like cotton balls in the air vents to help keep you awake. Massage and body: Include in detoxification recipes, used in blends to improve circulation of stagnant tissues and fluids. Respiratory: Lemons drying and antiseptic nature, lemon is a perfect choice in diffusers for congestion during cold season, and improving indoor air quality.

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1 Review

7th Nov 2012

Refreshing Scent

This is my second purchase of Jodi's Lemon essential oil. I love to blend it with other citrus oils in my diffuser. Also mix in spray bottle for a nontoxic air freshener in my kitchen. Great quality and fast reliable shipping.

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