Purifying Face Mask Spray

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Let's face it - reusable masks gather unpleasant odors. Freshen up between uses & laundering!

Quella's Purifying Face Mask Spray will help to:

  • Eliminate lingering odors
  • Sweet Orange & Clove are uplifting essential oils & boost your mood!
  • Help maintain the overall cleanliness of masks, hands, clothing, surfaces.

The 2oz amber-brown glass bottle is the perfect size for your car consul, gym bag, purse, or pocket!
The spray top makes application easy - simply take off mask, spray the outside of mask 2-3 times, wait a minute, and continue wearing.

Ingredients: Certified Organic Cane Spirit Alcohol. Essential Oil Blend of Sweet Orange, Tea tree, Eucalyptus, Clove bud, & Vetiver.

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2 Reviews

Jeanne Hanson 21st Oct 2020

Mask Spray

This spray has a very clean and pleasant smell. I used it on my mask and offered it to a client, who agreed it has a very pleasant smell. Just one spray is what I used and it didn't last very long, however. I will need to respray periodically.

Brenda Howard Larson 21st Oct 2020

Quella Face Mask Spray

Our Therapeutic Recreation Department loves the face mask spray! We wear full PPE all day long & it certainly seems to give us a boost of renewed breathable freshness! Very strong, so just a little spritz is all you need! Thank you for this purification product! Mt. Olivet Homes TR

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