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Calm the Stress Kit, a $22.50 value for $20!

A pre-assembled aromatherapy kit with essential oil blends intended to target stress comes in 'giftable' packaging with instructions for use.
Calm the Stress Kit comes with a reusable Aroma Stick prefilled with Calming Blend, 2 Calming Patches, 2 Anxiety Rescue Patches, and 1 Lucid Mind Patch.

Blend Descriptions:
Calming Blend
 is balancing and calming to the nervous system. Use mindfully along with relaxed breathing, imagery, or music to ease stress, nervousness, and physical tension. Well-loved aroma, by both children and elders. 

Anxiety Rescue Blend is our most potent formula, designed to ease severe anxiety, panic, and intense emotions.  May be helpful for insomnia related to nervousness and agitation. A favorite blend of hospice caregivers for agitation and for the families. 

Lucid Mind Blend a stimulating blend that stimulates the olfactory system and making new neural connections in your brain. This is helpful for mental fatigue, memory improvement, grogginess, overwhelmed or confused. 

How To Use Aromatherapy Patches: Apply patch to upper chest area and enjoy the aromatic benefits for up to 8 hours. To enhance your experience we suggest that you take gentle, deep breaths while focusing on the aroma for 1-2 minutes.

How To Use Reusable Aroma Stick: Unscrew the cap, inhale mindfully from each nostril as often as desired. This pre-filled Aroma Stick is small, lightweight, and easy to travel with. Once opened, an Aroma Stick lasts about 6 months. Refill instructions included with your order.


Disclaimer: You are responsible for understanding the safe application of essential oil products. All material provided on this website is provided for informational or educational purposes only as a courtesy to our customers. This information is not intended to treat or cure any disease or illness or replace medical advice.

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