Fungus Away - Diluted Blend

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Diluted blends are diluted to 10% with fractionated coconut oil.  Formerly called "ready to use".

A topical ready to use option for toe and finger nails household cleaning needs.

Indications and Uses:

  • mildew
  • toe fungus
  • skin care


  • antifungal
  • antiviral
  • antibacterial

Ingredients: Geranium, Manuka, Thyme ct. linalool, Tea tree, Oregano, Cinnamon leaf.

Tips:  intended to be used topically for a variety of skin conditions as an option to potentially toxic over the counter or medications for fungal infections.
This blend is considered a dermal irritant and requires careful and consistent use to be safe and effective.

If you are seeking detailed information about how to use this product, or have personal health related questions about essential oils, please schedule a consultation with our CLINICAL AROMATHERAPIST

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1 Review

Kelly 19th Aug 2018

Fungus Away

This worked great on some stubborn toenail fungus I had. I am sending to a family member who has been struggling with it since it worked so well for me!

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